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8 Point Lift

8 point lift dr anil london

The The 8 Point lift was created by world famous Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Mauricio de Maio and has been adopted by Dr Anil after training with Mr de Maio


A fabulous anti-ageing procedure that lifts and rejuvenates the face without the need for surgery. Unlike previous methods the The MD Codes™ allow for a tailor-made treatment whilst using a formulated structure to inject the filler. This means results are far more superior as facial anatomy and facial proportions are taken into consideration.

Ideal for:

Patients who want to improve the volume in their cheeks, mid-face appearance of lines and sagging around the jaw line. This procedure offers significant results without the need for surgery to those who want a natural rejuvenating lifting of the face.


A full consultation will determine the exact procedure for your specific needs, in general the 8 point lift will include injecting small amounts of dermal filler into the following sites:

  1. Cheekbones bilaterally
  2. Tear trough
  3. Nasolabial fold (nose to mouth lines)
  4. Marionette Lines (corner of mouth)
  5. Prejowl area
  6. Jawline
  7. Lower Cheek

Post treatment:

There is no pain or no downtime associated with the 8 point lift. Patients may experience some bruising which subsides after 48 hours. The results last for 12-18 months.

Anti-wrinkle juvederm fillers for 8 point lift


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