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Welcome to Dr. Anil Anti-Ageing

Huge advances in medicine over the past few decades mean we are now able to combat, control and even delay the physical effects of the ageing process. I offer a variety of treatments to help you with lines, wrinkles, acne, Read More…

Medical grade skin-care

Experience our range of medical grade creams and serums that will help you achieve flawless skin. Read more

Revive your youth with Dr Anil’s
renowned anti-wrinkle treatments

With a reputation for fabulous results, gentle, painless and meticulous treatments, Dr Anil is someone you can trust with your anti-wrinkle injectible treatments. Read more

Discover the power of Nutraceuticals

Nourish your skin from the inside… experience the cutting-edge medical nutrient formula for radiant, beautiful and healthy skin. Read more

Age with vitality

Explore Dr Anil’s Anti-ageing screening packages to revitalise your body, keeping you young and healthy. Read more

Fountain of youth

Discover the Nobel Prize winning technology that makes your cells young again, seriously! Read more

Blood and genetics

Dr Anil’s blood and genetic screening packages help prevent skin, brain and body ageing. Choose a package that best suits your needs. Read more

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Dr Anil's essential guide to keeping your youth, health and beauty

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