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Probiotics and Skincare

  A recent hot topic in the world of beauty and skincare has been the use of probiotics to improve the appearance of your skin, particularly for those prone to acne. Probiotics and Acne Probiotics contribute to eliminating toxins and Read More…

Roaccutane for Acne

If you are suffering from severe acne and are over the age of 12, you may be able to benefit from the medication known as Roaccutane. What is involved in Roaccutane Treatment? During a consultation that will allow me to Read More…

Is Dry January Getting you Down?

Dry January is the brainchild of Emily Robinson. Emily signed up for a half marathon in 2011 and to help her training go further she gave up alcohol for one month. A year later she joined Alcohol Concern and decided Read More…

Antibiotics and Acne – always good?

A recent study by the British Association of Dermatologists has highlighted that acne patients are being asked to take antibiotics for excessive periods of time before being referred to a specialist. “oral antibiotics, which are routinely prescribed for acne, are being used Read More…

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