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Improve skin elasticity and hydration with PRP with Xela-Rederm

What is Xela Rederm Xela Rederm is a non-cross linked Hyaluronic Acid and Succinic Acid injectable which performs in a similar way to PRP(platelet rich plasma), reducing pigmentation and stimulating the skin elasticity and hydration. It also works on a Read More…

AMEC Live Conference 2017

The only thing more important than patient care for a medical professional is continued professional development. The world of aesthetic medicine is continuously changing and I make it a priority to invest and stay up-to-date in cutting edge techniques for Read More…

Roaccutane for Dissecting Cellulitis

Episode 10 of Don’t tell the Doctor saw Kyri get treatment for his Dissecting Cellulitis. Kyri had been suffering with this condition for sometime and had taken to wearing a head scarf to cover his condition. With his forthcoming wedding Read More…

Are you following this skincare advice?

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that by far the most beneficial, age-busting product available is SUNSCREEN. Without a daily skin regime that includes copious amounts of sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) on all sun-exposed skin, no other anti-ageing products matter. Read More…

Antibiotics and Acne – always good?

A recent study by the British Association of Dermatologists has highlighted that acne patients are being asked to take antibiotics for excessive periods of time before being referred to a specialist. “oral antibiotics, which are routinely prescribed for acne, are being used Read More…

Clampdown on Cosmetic Cowboys – why I agree with the GMC

The GMC today announced changes in the law that will ensure patients are protected from those in the industry that put sales before safe guarding. “The guidance makes clear the ethical obligations doctors have towards patients and the standards of Read More…

Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments

Are you looking for an effective anti-ageing treatment? Growing old is something many people fear and they will go to any lengths to delay it. Besides affecting the organs, ageing affects the skin and hair but thanks to the advances Read More…

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Undoubtedly, one of the principal downsides of ageing is the fact that our skin gradually loses its elasticity and healthy appearance. Whilst some people’s skin will demonstrate signs of ageing faster than others, we will all eventually experience sagging skin, Read More…

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