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Corporate Medicals


Good occupational health can improve your business by increasing motivation, reducing sickness and absenteeism and improving staff selection.

We can can carry out a comprehensive range of bespoke pre-employment or executive health screens for your employees:

These comprise of a full medical examination including:

  • Examination of heart, lungs, abdomen and neurological system. Urine analysis for diabetes
  • Examination of height, weight and body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure
  • Breathing tests, peak flow etc to asses lung function
  • Blood tests including hepatitis screen, cholesterol, diabetes, liver function, full blood count and others as required
  • CXR and resting ECG or exercise ECG if required to test heart function
  • Fast track referral to top London Consultants(if required)
  • A full written report is prepared for the potential or current employer

Other examination and tests may be required, if necessary please enquire for further details.

Prices are available on application depending on requirements.


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