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Traditional liposuction is very effective but invasive and it comes with downtime and patients may experience discomfort for some weeks.

Aqualyx is a new exiting product on the market and is used to treat stubborn fat in areas of the body. We are all aware of how hard it is to burn off resistant belly fat or other fatty area in specific areas of the body. Well, now this can be done without being under the knife.

This new technique has been developed and patented to break down fat cells, fat content and even the fat cell nucleus without surgery or downtime. The treatment can be applied pretty much everywhere, including the inside of the knees, inner thighs, arms, chin,love handles, and stomach area.

Dr. Anil will provide a full consultation and then inject the patented solution once into the targeted area. The solution destroys the fat cells’ nucleus which means that the cells do not regrow.

The treatment is suitable for everyone provided you have no serious medical condition or if you are pregnant. Sessions take place once every three weeks and typically 2-8 sessions are required,depending on the area to be treated.

Aqualyx is a biocompatible and fully resorbable solution, which removes small fat accumulations located in body areas such as jowls, love handles, hips, abdomen, knees and arms, mainly.

Unlike many other fat-busting treatments, Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx has full CE approval and is now available in the UK.

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