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Products: TRX2

TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement consists of natural substances that our body normally manufactures at sufficient levels in healthy hair, but at insufficient quantities as we experience hair loss. TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is a patent-pending composition of normal metabolites that has been shown in laboratory experiments to help reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth by:

  1. Maintaining the membrane potential of hair follicles
  2. Stimulating the de novo synthesis of potassium channels
  3. Restoring potassium channel activity & functionality
  4. Hyperpolarizing hair follicles

TRX2® promotes the hair follicles health and growth on a molecular level


Subject: Male, 34 years old, NW 3 – Diffuse Hair Thinning


Subject: Male, 32 years old, NW 4 – Reactivation of Dormant Hair Follicles


Subject: Male, 36 years old, NW 3 – Temple and Frontal Area


Subject: Male, 42 years old, NW 2 – Crown Area


Subject: Female, 23 years old, NW I-3 – Hair loss in woman with diffuse thinning


Subject: Female, 45 years old, Norwood II-1 – Hair loss in woman after pregnancy and menopause


“It worked for me, I have no reason to see why it wouldn’t work for you.“
Phil Wood, Age 58, Norwood 3

“My temples are getting stronger, my hair loss overall is very much reduced and my hair is a lot thicker now“
Simon Goldstein, Age 23, Norwood 2
Here is a follow up feedback video (July 2012) from TRX2 customer Simon Goldstein regarding his progress with TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Treatment:

Simon Goldstein, Age 24, Norwood 2

“The reason I love this hair loss treatment and decided to give it a shot in the first place is because they don’t make false promises. They don’t suggest that this is a quick fix that will regrow your hair in 2-3 days. It isn’t some crazy spray on hair treatment. It is a long term proven solution that actually yields results.“
Helen Stewart, Age 29, Norwood I-3

“My experiences after 5 month on the TRX2 hair loss treatment regimen.“
Name: Unkown, Age: Unknown, Norwood: Unkown

“Great product with impressive results! I’ve been using TRX2® capsules for 8 months now and it has completely stopped my hair fall. Although I have only achieved minor “countable” hair growth so far my hair feels thicker and stronger than ever before.”
D.E. (male), 31 years, Norwood 4, Munich, Germany

“At first I thought TRX2® supplement was just another product that promises a lot but never delivers. I totally have been “traumatized” by my previous experiences with other products such as Saw Palmetto, Marine Extract Proteins and Finasteride. By the third month, TRX2® had already given me subtle results, which was enough for me to stick with it. I’m glad I did because I’m in month 9 now and results are seriously kicking in. I stopped shedding completely and show significant growth of hair, most noticeable in the temple area. Overall my hair feels thicker and denser. I have been using TRX2® as a volunteer in mono-therapy without minoxidil, finasteride or any other drug.”
C.V. (male), 28 years, Norwood 2, London, UK

“I’ve been using TRX2® capsules as a volunteer prior to market launch, it has been 8 months now. So far I have experienced no side effects whatsoever. Supplementation with TRX2® resulted in a significant increase of hair density, most noticeable after approximately 4 months. I’ve been suffering from thinning hair for more than 3 years and my hair appears much thicker now. This product totally exceeded my expectations and I can recommend TRX2® without any hesitations.”
F.N. (female), 38 years, Type 2 advanced, Leeds, UK


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