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Minor Surgery (Skin Tags etc)

Most benign skin lesions are no longer treated on the NHS and Dr. Anil provides an alternative safe, cost effective service. Having had many years of experience in Minor Surgery and Dermatology, Dr. Anil is able to provide a diagnoses and treatment on the day.

The following treatments are performed within a matter of minutes under local anaesthesia:

  • Warts and Skin Tags: Skin tags are very common and normally found around the bust, neck or areas of friction such as the underarm. They are harmless but can be both unsightly and irritating. –
  • Seborrrhoic Keratosis: Benign lesions that usually appear in middle age and commonly occur in multiples.
  • Keloid scars: abnormal growth of scar tissue, which can become raised and irregular. This can be treated with steroid injections

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