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PRP Therapy For Hair Loss

PRP(platelet rich plasma) For Hair Loss

PRP therapy, as well as being used for facial rejuvenation and improving acne scarring, has also shown great results as a hair loss treatment.

How does PRP therapy work? 

hair loss prp therapy steps

Your blood is taken, then centrifuged (spun) and processed so that it only contains the platelet cells. This liquid is then injected into the scalp or used topically in conjunction with microneedling. PRP contains essential proteins and growth factors that:


– Stimulate hair follicles
– Stimulate natural hair growth
– Strengthen already present hair
– Slow down hair loss



• It’s safe and natural: it uses the patient’s own blood cells
• It’s simple and quick and can be combined with microneedling with minimal to no downtime
• A great option for patients that are not candidates for surgical hair restoration treatments
• Perfect if you like to avoid chemicals


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We offer 3 PRP hair care programs:


1. PRP Maintain:

Standard PRP therapy


2. PRP Hydrate:

Includes PRP therapy + Revitacare Haircare/XL Hair Mesotherapy

Contains Hyaluronic acid + restructuring hair complex

Delivered by micro-injections into the dermis of the scalp near hair roots, to hydrate and strengthen hair


3. PRP Restore:

Includes PRP + Reparestim Hair TD Mesotherapy


– Provides balanced hair nutrients
– Stimulates perifollicular dermal matrix
– Prevents excessive hair loss
– Restores hair vitality
– Skin preparation before hair transplantation
– Recommended after pregnancy and nursing period, stress, starvation, unbalanced diets, etc.

When should I start PRP for Hair loss treatments?

To ensure best results, PRP treatments should be administered at the early stages of hair thinning.
hair loss before and after prp therapy


When should I expect to see the results?

Usually within 3 to 6 months. However, the response time is variable.

Treatment details

Duration of PRP therapy for hair loss: 45mins
Downtime: none
Number of sessions: 6
Interval: every 4 weeks.
Follow Up: On your 6th visit your response will be assessed. If you show improvement, follow-up treatments will be given twice yearly depending upon your progress.

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