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Facts: Modern lifestyle has led a change in our lifestyle. A lack of time and low physical activity, mental stress and unbalanced diet have a direct impact on our health. Unadapted lifestyle associated with unfavourable genetic variations are at the origin Read More…


Facts: Skin is one of the largest organs and it is the first and major barrier of protection. For physical and functional protection, the skin needs to be intact Injuries, pathogens, allergies, hormone levels, UV exposure, nutrition but also genetic factors Read More…


Facts:The degree of influence of diet on the balance between health and disease may depend on the genetic makeup of a person. The 12 selected genes of BASIC profile play an important role in several metabolic pathways such as lipid,carbohydfrate Read More…


Facts:Each person displays some individuals behaviour patterns and reacts differently to the environment in which that person lives. Thus, a person will be more or less resistant to external aggressions, will sleep well or less well, or will be active, Read More…


Facts: Hormonal levels start to decrease with the menopause in women between 45-50 years of age. Hormonal replacement therapy(HRT) is often proposed. Badly adapted dosage of hormonal therapy can provoke an increased risk of sporadic breast cancer. Recent studies indicate that Read More…


Facts: Hair loss usually sets in between the ages of 20 and 30 years. First symptoms are hair thinning and loss of the hair in the parietal, frontal and temporal areas. In the case of androgenetic alopecia, hair loss is irreversible. Read More…


Facts: The body weight is the sum of body fat(adipose tissues), lean body mass(tissue and muscles). skeleton, and water. Age, nutrition, physical activity, hormones and different diseases have a direct or progressive impact on our body weight. Genetic parameters also play Read More…

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