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Facts: Hormonal levels start to decrease with the menopause in women between 45-50 years of age. Hormonal replacement therapy(HRT) is often proposed. Badly adapted dosage of hormonal therapy can provoke an increased risk of sporadic breast cancer. Recent studies indicate that the oxidative metabolism of oestrogens can cause mutagenic DNA lesions.

Who and when should be tested? Women before taking HRT and women with a family history of breast cancer.

Why MENOPAUSE Profile: Easy to perform and innovative. Clear results allowing to choose the right treatment at the right dosage.

Results and Interpretation: Allows the determination of risk of adverse drug reactions associated with HRT. The test results indicate which treatment and dosage to choose to obtain the best response.

Additional information: Since the MENOPAUSE Profile is a genetic analysis, it needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime. Required sample material is either a blood sample or a saliva sample.

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