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Facts: Modern lifestyle has led a change in our lifestyle. A lack of time and low physical activity, mental stress and unbalanced diet have a direct impact on our health. Unadapted lifestyle associated with unfavourable genetic variations are at the origin of discomfort and diseases. Moreover, an additional consequence is accelerated ageing.

Who and when should be tested? Any person who wishes to take control of his/her health through long-term prevention.

Why the WELL-BEING Profile? This is an extended genetic test allowing the exploration of many metabolic pathways involved in cardio-vascular diseases, detoxification, mental fitness, skin health, weight control etc.

Results and interpretation: A comprehensive personalized insight into the health capacities based on genetic and non-genetic information. Detailed recommendations based on nutrition, micronutrition as well as lifestyle.

Additional information: Since the WELL-BEING Profile is a genetic analysis, it needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime. Required sample material is either a blood sample or a saliva sample.

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