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Products: TA-65

TA 65 and its use in Anti-ageing


Have you ever wondered what causes ageing?  That’s probably the wrong question. The question should be where’s the most effective point of intervention? Where can we really get big bang for our buck? The answer is telomeres. We can reset the entire structure.”

We all want to feel young and healthy. You may be a person who eats well, exercises, takes supplements and has a generally healthy lifestyle. But we all know that is still not enough. We see the healthiest people continue to age and deteriorate.

Scientific research has discovered that a primary cause of ageing is shortening telomeres – the protective end-caps of DNA at both ends of every chromosome. You can fight telomere shortening with diet and exercise, but only up to a point. But now, you can fight it with telomerase activation.


This  diagram shows normal shortening of telomeres and lengthening after telomerase activation

Telomerase is an enzyme that can add DNA repeats to chromosomes and actually grow back telomere length. And now, you can activate your body’s own natural telomerase with TA-65®, the world’s first proven telomerase activator!

What are the benefits?

Anecdotally, our patients have reported:

In clinical trials a number of  significant benefits have been noted including:

Improvement in T-cell count and immune system function

Increase in bone density


Is it safe?

TA-65 has been used by hundreds of people since 2005 and not a single adverse side effect or event has been reported. TA-65 is a natural molecule derived from the Astragalus plant, a Chinese herb used since ancient times. Each batch of highly potent TA-65 is vigorously tested for purity and contaminants and is manufactured under GMP conditions in the USA.

How do I get started?

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