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AMEC Live Conference 2017

The only thing more important than patient care for a medical professional is continued professional development.

The world of aesthetic medicine is continuously changing and I make it a priority to invest and stay up-to-date in cutting edge techniques for the benefit of my patients.

Earlier this month I attended AMEC Live and VISAGE Conference (Nice), the largest and most interactive aesthetic live show in Europe. AMEC was hosted in the fabulous Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the backdrop was as stunning as the learning outcomes.

Anti-wrinkle treatment and Fillers

I spent time enhancing anti-wrinkle treatment and Filler techniques with Dr Uliana Gout, Dr Phillipe Kestamont and Dr Jose Santini as well as many other leading aesthetic doctors and surgeons at the world famous Institute of Face and Neck, University of Nice. As you can see we spent time experimenting with the techniques and experimenting on human cadavers  to further improve outcomes for;

Invisible Needle – pain free treatment

If you have had anti-wrinkle treatment before you will have experienced a slight sensation as the needle penetrates the skin, whilst this is not considered painful for the vast majority, it can be slightly uncomfortable for some, especially if you are a weary of needles. I can now offer Invisible Needle for my patients, an extremely fine needle is used meaning you cannot feel a thing! Please contact me for more information.


tsk invisible needle

Some advanced uses of anti-wrinkle treatment?

“With regards to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic interventions there is an indefinable quality both in listening to and understanding an individuals look and desire beyond a projected frame of reference from the practitioner. Which is why I have had no hesitation in taking people to Dr Anil. He is someone you feel comfortable working collaboratively with who operates with integrity, knowing that sometimes the most important decision is when not to intervene. Having worked with some of  the worlds leading aestheticians, plastic surgeons and cometic dermatologist internationally, I know it is very easy to make someone look different but requires great subtlety and skill to make them look better. With my follow up consultation and his step by step cautious treatment I was able to keep the light and subtle essence of expression but look like an enhanced and refreshed version of myself. Best anti-wrinkle treatment I’ve ever had.  When the work is invisible but your look visibly refreshed and enhanced, it’s a fine art indeed” N.A Richmond-Upon-Thames


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