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Winter Skincare

Looking after your skin is a constant challenge, dictated by the seasons, your age and your environment. I’ve been talking to Sarah Young at the Independent about how the cold weather can impact your skin and along with other contributors Read More…

Fat loss and your skin

A new you for a new year? A popular thought at this time of year and one that often takes more of us into the gym or onto the pavements for walks, runs or bike rides. All good news but Read More…

A bit of West London Living….

It was great to meet Clare at the clinic recently. She came to see me for a anti-wrinkle treatment and after our chat and treatment itself, this is some of what she had to say: “He did something incredibly clever. Read More…

Rejuvenating a Person with Mesotherapy in London

Mesotherapy in London is a cosmetic medical treatment that is non-surgical. It involves injecting medicines that could be plant extracts, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, anti-oxidants or other pharmaceutical products into the subcutaneous fat to break it up. This helps to reduce Read More…

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