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Are you following this skincare advice?

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that by far the most beneficial, age-busting product available is SUNSCREEN. Without a daily skin regime that includes copious amounts of sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) on all sun-exposed skin, no other anti-ageing products matter. Read More…

Why does your skin age?

 Why does your skin age? Chronological Ageing is inevitable but aesthetic ageing can be controlled and minimised. This can only be achieved if you know what factors you are more susceptible to. Anti-Ageing Screening I offer a unique and non-invasive Read More…

Sharron Davies, Botox and You.

After 12 years in the Medical Cosmetic industry I have met countless people who have either had, considered having or denied having cosmetic treatment of some sort.  When I first started to practice admitting to Botox, fillers or lifts of Read More…

Effective Anti-Ageing Treatments

Are you looking for an effective anti-ageing treatment? Growing old is something many people fear and they will go to any lengths to delay it. Besides affecting the organs, ageing affects the skin and hair but thanks to the advances Read More…

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