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Sharron Davies, anti-wrinkle treatment and You.

After 12 years in the Medical Cosmetic industry I have met countless people who have either had, considered having or denied having cosmetic treatment of some sort.  When I first started to practice admitting to anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers or lifts of any kind was a real ‘no-go’, particularly if you were in the limelight.

The real value of celebrity endorsement.

At my clinic I fully respect and understand my patients needs for discretion, this should be the approach for all medical treatment, cosmetic or not. That said, I am always so pleased when a public figure is bold enough to be honest about their treatment. Why? Is it because I think it is a matter of public interest? Certainly not.

“It is because in one sentence they encourage people who are suffering with low confidence and anxiety to take that step towards a meaningful consultation with a reputable specialist” Dr Anil. 


Sharron Davies talks about her love of anti-wrinkle treatments since her 30’s in the latest issue of Hello!:

“the 53-year-old athlete and mother-of-three says: “I’d been having anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers since my late thirties – not because I want to appear to be a different age but to look the best I can at any age – and this new procedure has worked wonders for me in a soft, subtle way.

Women aren’t allowed to age as gracefully as men and it’s still more acceptable for men to go grey and have wrinkles,” she adds. “But Helen Mirren is doing an amazing job of making us all feel better as we age.”

Sharron, who had a ‘boob job’ after her three children were born, added that she finds it irritating when high profile figures don’t admit to their cosmetic procedures.

“It frustrates me when I know people are going off to have similar treatments are claiming the way they look is all down to eating organic food and sleeping well,” she says. “When it comes to gravity and age, there is no magic formula.”

Sharron has also recently undergone a new non-surgical treatment called Silhoutte Lift. The procedure can be completed in 30 minutes and is designed to relieve a sagging jawline, brow and or dull cheeks. The treatment, available at my clinic, is becoming increasingly popular as it has the following benefits:


Read the full article here: Hello!

Are you thinking about a cosmetic procedure?

My top tips if you are considering any cosmetic work are:


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