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Clampdown on Cosmetic Cowboys – why I agree with the GMC

The GMC today announced changes in the law that will ensure patients are protected from those in the industry that put sales before safe guarding.

The guidance makes clear the ethical obligations doctors have towards patients and the standards of care they need to provide.

It has been produced following a review of the cosmetic industry in England by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh. His report highlighted the risks associated with cosmetic interventions and how patients needed greater protection” Professor Terence Stephenson, Chair of the GMC.

Changes will mean providers must:

  1. Advertise and market services responsibily
  2. Give patients time for reflection
  3. Not delegate responsibility for patient agreement
  4. Provide continuity of care
  5. Support patient safety


Professor Terence Stephenson, Chair of the GMC, continues:

Our new guidance is designed to help drive up standards in the cosmetic industry and make sure all patients, and especially those who are most vulnerable, are given the care, treatment and support they need.”

Why I agree with the changes.

I specialise in dermatology and anti-ageing procedures but my passion for this area of medicine was derived from a combined interest in general medical practice and psychology. I understand that poor skin quality can have some serious emotional and psychological consequences for many people. My passion is to help prevent, diagnose and treat these problems not to ‘up-sell’ people in a vulnerable position.

Everything from Acne to Wrinkles can lead to problems with confidence which can have a serious impact on a persons ability to learn, socialise and perform well at work. The industry has a reputation for ‘quick fixes’ that don’t always take into account the full history of the client and there have been times when professionals offer treatments that are simply not needed.



Cosmetics not commodities

The efforts by the GMC represent a start in the process of protecting our patients. Surgical and non-surgical treatments are not a commodity. They have risks and each patient undergoing treatment must have proper pre and post care. doctors should practice ethical safeguarding not hard sales techniques” Dr Anil

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