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Skinade in the News

Is it possible to drink your way to beautiful skin? Skinade has the answer…

The new year is a great time to try new things and make yourself feel better and nothing achieves this quite like glowing skin. But can you drink yourself better? The answer is YES!

Skinade – how it works.

Skinade is a multi award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured collagen drink which contains a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that aims to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skinade collagen drinks aim to improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.”  Skinade.

Skinade contains low molecular weight collagen and essential micronutrients that are rapidly absorbed and therefore work from the inside out, unlike traditional methods which work on the surface only.

Cosmopolitan Skinade Trial!

A recent trial by a Cosmo journalist Lucy Partington can be concluded in her remarks:

“I would recommend giving Skinade a go if you want plumper, more hydrated skin with less lines and wrinkles – the results speak for themselves.” Lucy. 

Read the full trial experience and results here.

Skinade – the facts!


What can you expect to see after drinking it?

A 30 day course is recommended for best results however improvements can be seen from as little as 7 days. Overall, benefits include:


Pill vs Drink

The absorption rate of the drink is much higher and this makes for a much great impact on your skin.

My experience of Skinade.

I am proud to say I only stock and prescribe treatments that yield genuine benefits for my patients, the Skinade information in the media lately is great, I welcome this communication and share it now for anyone wanting a really accessible, effective and non-invasive way of improving their skin. Dr Anil

A 30 day supply is £99 and there is no need for a consultation. You can order without a consultation simply by calling one of my clinics 0208 742 2204 or 0121 749 7660

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