Why should I get myself checked for Genetic Disorders?
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Why Should I Get Myself Checked for Genetic Disorders?

Although taking sensible measures such as exercising regularly and eating the right combination of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats can go a long way towards staving off future illnesses, there are a huge number of maladies to which you may be susceptible, from Alzheimer’s to hypothyroidism, which aren’t quite as easy to protect yourself from.

When it comes to genetic disorders in particular, the best thing you can do is to find out as early as possible what problems you are most prone to in the future via genetic testing. Whether your tests highlight any worrying signs or not, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Armed with this knowledge, your G.P. will be able to prescribe treatments and advise you on which lifestyle changes it might be worth making to prevent serious problems further down the line.

If your genetic tests illustrates that you are at risk of Alzheimer’s, for example, your doctor might advise you to try to minimise the stress in your life, to keep the brain stimulated and to make sure you get a decent level of sleep every night. If, on the other hand, your genetic testing demonstrates that you are not at risk from any diseases or disorders, genetic or otherwise, imagine the enormous peace of mind you will enjoy!

Although no amount of medical intervention can keep us young and healthy forever (although it can help us live longer), by pinpointing the illnesses and conditions to which you are particularly susceptible as early as possible, these problems can usually be tackled through simple preventative measures, designed to rejuvenate your body from the inside, rather than drastic and invasive treatments at a later date.

Whether you’ve got a large family and want to maintain vigour and ensure you’re able to play with your grandchildren and great grandchildren, or you’re a fan of golf and are looking to maintain the ability to hit the ball 200 yards into your eighties, getting yourself tested for genetic disorders will greatly improve your chances of doing so.

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