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Is Dry January Getting you Down?

Dry January is the brainchild of Emily Robinson. Emily signed up for a half marathon in 2011 and to help her training go further she gave up alcohol for one month. A year later she joined Alcohol Concern and decided to take the interest people were showing in her abstinence to the next level, Dry January was born.

Anyone who has given up drinking for a period of time (micro-breaks are becoming very common) will tell you of the benefits they experience; better sleep, weight loss and more energy. But what about your skin? As the biggest organ in the body it stands to reason that your skin will start to reap the benefits….


Top 5 Skin benefits this Dry January.

Elimination of alcohol leads to a huge decrease in blood sugar levels.

Refined sugar is bad for your body full stop. The amount of sugar found in alcohol varies according to your preferred tipple, the general rule being the clearer the drink, the less sugar there is. However, overall the news is bad. Sugar causes inflammation in your body, inflammation produces an enzyme that leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This process, known as Glycation, is a major contributing factor to the ageing process – so put the glass down, give your skin a break and watch those lines and wrinkles fade….

Help you save those pennies…..

The more alcohol you drink the more your body is encouraged to lose water. The need to ‘spend a penny’ increases when we are enjoying a few drinks but these frequent visits to the powder room are not solely related to your increased fluid intake.

“In fact for every 1g of alcohol drunk, urine excretion increases by 10ml1.Alcohol also reduces the production of a hormone called vasopressin, which tells your kidneys to reabsorb water rather than flush it out through the bladder. With the body’s natural signal switched off, the bladder is free to fill up with fluid” (source: drinkaware)

The less water in your skin, the thinner it becomes leaving you more prone to wrinkles, lines and sagging. A dry January will ensure your skin remains hydrated and will contribute to fuller more glowing skin.

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Enlarged pores – gone!

Alcohol is a Hepatotoxin. These chemicals actively damage the process we use to detoxify our bodies. This can leave you with a sallow appearance and very enlarged pores. As you progress through your dry period, you should notice an improvement in your pores and the level of oil production often associated with them.

Improved cell renewal

Alcohol is known to deplete your body of vital vitamins and nutrients; in particular Vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for cell renewal and turnover, something that all anti-ageing treatments seek to encourage. So turnover a new leaf and you might just increase your natural cell renewal helping your skin to look younger.

It might leave you spotless!

Whilst alcohol is not thought to be directly responsible for spots / acne it can trigger events which make you much more susceptible to spots. Alcohol can cause Candida to overgrow and this can lead to breakouts in your skin. Alongside this, your hormone levels will change as you drink and as we know many people suffer with hormone related acne. Lastly the more we drink the more our immune system is depressed leaving you unable to fight off the acne bacteria.

Really want to give Dry January a go?

Here are some helpful links on how to approach it and be successful!

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